About Us

Our producers

Our producers and artisans are from some of the poorest places in the world. We strive to make sure that everything we sell is fair trade and ethically made. This means the people that made your products receive a fair wage, work in safe conditions and are respected. Everything in our shop is made by free people and no child labour is involved. 

And we're proud that our producers are almost entirely women. Providing women with an income does more than just support an often marginalised group. When a woman receives an income, she invests an average of 80c in every dollar in her family, whereas for men this is only about 30c (Source: Half The Sky by Kristof & WuDunn).

For more on our producers and fair trade/ ethically made read our page Fair trade and why it's a big deal.

Pebble Toys staff

Image: Women crocheting Pebble toys in Bangladesh 

Why we do this

A Little Good was founded by Penny Stephens, who as an entrepreneur and a mother wants to make it easy for you to do A Little Good too.

The team at A Little Good are fascinated by the idea of what's possible when entrepreneurs and small businesses in the developing world are given new channels to market. And with first hand experience in international aid and development, we've seen the impact of doing this in an ethical and fair way.

 A Little Good was created so that you can buy something unique, fun and beautiful for the kids in your life and effortlessly do A Little Good for someone else. And 'someone else' is often a mother doing the best she can for her own children. Just like you. Just like us.

Image: Founder Penny Stephens at her baby's rice-feeding ceremony.