Our Bangladeshi crocheted gifts are handmade by women in rural areas of the country. This work allows them to stay in the region, work close to home so they can be near their families and gives them an income where there are few other work opportunities.

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When disaster became opportunity

Bangladesh is a regular victim of flooding and in 2004 over 60% was under water. A global call for help went out, the problem was overwhelming.

At the same time, in her spare room outside the nation's capital city Dhaka, Samantha Morshed invited 12 local women into her home and taught them the simple skills of knitting and crocheting. For weeks they learnt and practiced, hoping this would help them find sustainable employment.

Then the day came when they received the first order. They were ecstatic. With more work, more orders came through, staff numbers grew and the business, known as Hathay Buano expanded.

"We wanted to create employment that fitted in with the rhythm of village life and slowed the rate of economic migration to cities. It's all about keeping families together." - Golam Morshed, Samantha's husband

Working conditions of our producers

The Bangladeshi textile industry has had its fair share of poor publicity in recent years and the heart-breaking Rana Plaza collapse exposed lethal worker conditions where 1,129 were killed and many more injured .

In sharp contrast, the producers of these toys and gifts are supported to stay with their families, paid a fair wage, work in decent conditions and are offered health care programs. Many of the 60 production centres around the country provide crèche facilities and pre-schools. And no child labour is used in any part of production.

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Care instructions

Your Bangladeshi products can be machine washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried on a low setting.

Materials: 100% cotton with 100% polyester fill.